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Event ID  :  109005  -  Energous Corporation
Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 8:00 am ET


Thank you for booking your event with ViaVid !  To ensure a successful event please read through this email and contact, 1-888-562-0262 with any questions. When contacting us please refer to your event id which is 109005.


Here are the links for the Energous Corporation First Quarter 2014 Earnings Call scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 8:00 am Eastern Time.

Participant Link
Report Link
Confirmation Link
Additional Info
  • Even if the date and time change the links will remain the same
  • The participant link is for live and replay
  • The report link is for your private use to view webcast participants and will will prompt you for a user and password. The user is reports and the password is v520xamh
  • A default message will play from the participant link until the event goes live. This message asks viewers to check back at a later time.


Here are the features for this event

Registration Standard
Registration Fields Email,Name,Company,Phone
Q&A No
Slide Deck No
Presenter Control None
PDF Download No

Slides and Media

If you are sending us a presentation, headshot or video please review the following information.

Slide Deck For any presentation please send us the presentation in powerpoint (.ppt) format and Adobe PDF (.pdf) at least 24 hours prior to the event. The presentation MUST BE portrait (4x3) not landscape (16x9).
Sending us Media you can use our dropbox to send us your media by clicking here
Testing your Slides ViaVid will test your slide deck, however we don't know your slides like you do and so we ask that you test them out when we have confirmed that they are ready to be tested.
Animations and Charts Be aware that for Presenter Control events animations and certain powerpoint charts are not compantible with Adobe Connect.
Layout Presentations that are in a 16x9 layout (or horizontal) will not look as good as presentations that are 3x4 or normal page layout.
PDF Download If you do not want the presentation do be downloadable by viewers please make sure that you request this feature to be turned off.
Graphics For Talkpoint events if there are other graphics (head shots etc.) please contact ViaVid to confirm formats
Embedded Videos Videos embedded in an Adobe pdf or Microsoft powerpoint WILL NOT WORK. The videos need to be sent as separate files.
Videos Videos must be received in .flv format, no larger than 640x480 and at least 48 hours prior to the event

First Event

If this is your first event, thanks for Choosing ViaVid !
Here are a few things you should know

Contact / Office Hours To contact ViaVid’s booking department send all correspondence to or call 888-562-0262. Our business office hours are 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET, after hours we will respond within 2 hours.
Demos If you are using our presenter control product and need a demo please contact at least 48 hours prior to the event to schedule.

48 Hours Prior to your Event

At least 48 hours prior to your event do the following:

Videos Videos must be received in .flv format, no larger than 640x480 please use our dropbox by clicking here
Demos If you need a demo or refresher on how to turn slides please contact

24 Hours Prior to your Event

At least 24 hours prior to your event do the following:

Slides Email the pdf and ppt formats of your presentation or use our dropbox by clicking here
Presenters Send names/email addresses/contact phone number of presenters and ensure that you have the links you need for each presenter
Contact If you need contact info for our Audio Engineer please make sure you receive this from us.

On the Day of Your Event

Here are some things to note about the day of your event

15 minutes prior A ViaVid technician will dial into the event call to establish the webcast line.
15 minutes prior If you are a presenter please log in so our audio engineer can hand over control of the slides.
10 minutes prior We will begin streaming live with the music that participants will hear while on hold before the event call begins. The event will go live early to accommodate any viewers tuning in early.
30 minutes after The event will be archived and ready for replay.